Newman’s Own Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

November 27, 2007

I’d been curious about these, so I was especially excited when I found them. I love peanut butter and dark chocolate, so the combination could lead to nothing but love, right?

Well, color me disappointed.

Each package contains three cups housed in a plastic tray. The cups are smaller than a Reese’s Cup. They are sturdy, due to the very thick layer of dark chocolate that surrounds the peanut butter. I’d say the proportion here is 66% chocolate and 33% peanut butter… heck, there might be even less peanut butter!

That lack of peanut butter is the downfall of this candy. The chocolate completely dominates the peanut butter… so much so that I can’t say much about the peanut butter. I didn’t taste it that much. It’s smooth and needs salt. That’s all I can say!

The chocolate is fine. It’s slightly sweet and not at all bitter. It’s fruity but lacks a chocolate punch. The thickness gives it a nice snap, but that’s not what I’m looking for here.

With 60 calories to each cup, they’re good if you’re watching what you eat and can exercise portion control. Dark chocolate and peanut butter are the healthier candy ingredients, after all. Also, it’s all organic, which is a plus.

If you are looking for a dark chocolate peanut butter cup, this may be it. If you are looking for a peanut butter cup with lots of chocolate and little peanut butter, this is probably it. But it’s not what I was looking for or expecting. I’ll wait for the limited edition dark chocolate Reese’s that are supposed to be coming, thanks.

These get a 5, which is what I give products that aren’t bad, but I don’t care for. Sorry Newman. I’m still interested in your Peppermint Cups and Ginger Os!

Rating: 5/10

Name: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Brand: Newman’s Own
Store: Walmart
Price: $0.50


Immaculate Baking Co. Cookies

November 13, 2007

These caught my eye with the line “A Better Cookie For Kids.” Hey, if they’re better for kids, they must be better for me too. The label reads that they are 100% organic (USDA approved), low in saturated fat, contain no trans fat or GMO, and are made from pure and simple ingredients. For me, the absence of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils warranted these a try.

There are three varieties of cookies in the box. Choca Doodle Doos are Chocolate Chip Oatmeal, Hunka Chunka Chocolate are Double Chocolate Chip, and Doohickeys are Oatmeal Raisin. I had four bags of Choca Doodle Doos and three bags of the the other two, for a total of 10 one ounce packages. There were 5-6 mini cookies in each bag.

All three varieties had the same, rather odd texture. Usually cookies are either moist and dense or dry and crumbly, but I found that these were dry and dense. I suppose it’s just the texture of the oatmeal. I don’t have oatmeal cookies often, so I’m not used to it. But don’t let the description of dry turn you off; they don’t have a bad mouth-feel. They aren’t moist, but they are nice, thick, and chewy.

Choca Doodle Doos

These are the chocolate chip oatmeal. The actual cookie has a good flavor. The oatmeal has a nice nutty taste. I’m really not tasting the chocolate though. There aren’t enough chocolate chips to compete with the cookie. I’d normally give these a 5 for lack of chocolate, but the wholesome advantage bumps it up to a 6.

Rating: 6/10

Hunka Chunka Chocolate

These are the double chocolate chip, and trust me, they aren’t skimping on flavor here! They have a strong chocolate taste, almost like a brownie. The thick texture also reminds me of a brownie. I usually find packaged chocolate cookies disappointing, but these served my chocolate craving. I’d have them again.

Rating: 7/10


These are the oatmeal raisin. Again, they aren’t skimping on flavor. They smell and taste strongly of spices, but not overwhelmingly so. There are also some salty notes, which I like with my oatmeal. There aren’t a whole lot of raisins here though. I think the problem with all the varieties is that the cookies are two small to hold an adequate amount of chips/raisins. But I don’t think raisins add much to cookies, so I still really enjoyed these. They were my favorite of the lot.

Rating: 8/10

I would buy these again. The cookies are tasty and I like the healthy ingredients angle. I’m also really interested in some of the companies other cookies, which include flavors like Pumpkin Ginger and Key Lime. Yum! I hope I see those in the store soon.

If you have children, I’d suggest giving these a try. The bright packaging and fun names may help them forget that these are oatmeal cookies. And if not, more for you!

Name: Cookies For Kids Multi-Pack
Brand: Immaculate Baking Co.
Store: Target
Price: $4.99 for a package of 10