Lindt Carrots, Bugs, and Bees, Oh My!

Lindt has several cute foil-wrapped chocolate products out for Easter. There are bunnies, chicks, and lambs, but I went for the slightly less conventional carrots and insects. Why? Well, these are the hazelnut products, and I’m a sucker for anything hazelnut.

Let’s start with the bugs and bees. There are two ladybugs, two bees, and one unidentifiable bug. Unwrapped, they all look the same. They’re adorable, but a little pricey at $3.00 for less than two ounces.

Like the Lindor truffles, which many are familiar with, these have a slightly greasy outside. The center is filled with a thick, slick hazelnut paste and crisped rice. It’s not too sweet, but nice and nutty. Nutella fans will approve. The crisp rice brings a fun texture, but no additional flavor.

I liked these; they were quite tasty. They’re on the expensive side, so I won’t be filling any Easter baskets with these, but I will look for them on clearance.

Nutrition Facts: Serving size is four pieces. There are 210 calories, 13g of fat (6g saturated), 21g of sugar, and 3g of protein per serving.

Rating: 8/10

The carrots are equally adorable. I was surprised to find that these are served on stick, so that they resemble chocolate umbrellas. Unlike the bugs, they aren’t filled. Instead we’re treated to a solid blend of chocolate and hazelnut paste. Think gianduja/Nutella on a stick. Seriously, does life get much better? It’s sticky, nutty, and quite satisfying, even though each piece weighs less than a half an ounce.

I’ll certainly be looking for these on clearance, though they’re already a great price at $1.33.

Nutrition Facts: Serving size is three carrots. There are 210 calories, 14g of fat (8g saturated), 18g of sugar, and 3g of protein per serving. Oh, and 10% of your RDA of calcium.

Rating: 9/10

Name: Lindt Bugs and Bees / Chocolate Carrots
Brand: Lindt
Store: Target
Price: $2.99 / $1.33
Weight: 1.76 oz. / 1.8 oz


4 Responses to Lindt Carrots, Bugs, and Bees, Oh My!

  1. Kellie says:

    Hello, interesting blog. Can you tell me where you found the nutritional information for the beetles and bees? Thanks!

  2. Kellie says:

    Well, thanks for not responding. I guess you only care about writing blogs and not actually anyone reading them.

  3. bostonblah says:

    yea i had the carrots years ago but wasnt that impressed, but i cant wait to try the bees and lady bugs, i assume they have the same filling as each other right?
    i love anything hazlenut too , i really miss these single chocolates they used to have at the lindt store, i think they has a blue wrapper,and they were rectangulsr and had 2 whole hazlenuts inside with the nutella like filling around them , they were my favorite, and the othe single piece chocolates that were molded to look like a ahzlenut and wrapped in foil that lokked likle a hazlenut and had a sof hazlenut filling and i think chopped hazlenuts, or maybe a half or a nut insife, they discontinued them a few years ago ,the 2 whole hazlenut ones they had up till more recently,maybe if i go to euorepe i can finde them in italy or switzerland

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