Dove Milk Chocolate Truffle Egg

Easter brings my favorite holiday candy selection. In general, holiday candy is the standard fare wrapped in festive colors, but Easter has a little more variety. Of course, Easter-specific candies have begun to spill over to other holidays — Ghost Peeps, Cadbury Ornament Eggs — but I’ll always appreciate the holiday that brings my Cadbury Mini Eggs.

This week I have a slew of egg-shaped candies to review. I have a few roundups planned for later this week, but let’s start off small with the Dove Truffle Egg.

This is actually half an egg. It’s a molded piece with a flat bottom and a cutesy design on top. I associate Dove with smooth chocolate, and this fits the bill. It just melts away, due in part to the coconut oil in the truffled center. It’s sweet, but not sugary, and is quite creamy and dense. It’s so rich that I only ate half, but I quite enjoyed it and gobbled the rest down later in the day. It’s a nice little indulgence, and I’d pick up more if I found them on clearance.

I think a dark version of this exists, but does anyone know for sure?

Nutrition Breakdown: Serving size is one piece. Each serving contains 150 calories.

Rating: 8/10

Name: Dove Smooth Milk Chocolate Truffle Egg
Brand: Mars
Store: Walgreens
Price: $0.59
Weight: 0.9 oz.


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