The girl bakes! Chocolate Chunk Cookies

When it comes to baked goods, the chocolate chip cookie is about as classic as it gets. They’re well loved, though everyone has their favorite style. I love the chewy variety — golden brown, flat, with a slightly crispy edge. Puffy, cakey cookies can keep their distance, thanks.

There are several different recipes I use, though I often find myself defaulting to Toll House. My favorite recipes are high in sugar, low in flour, and loaded with chocolate. This recipe for Blue Chocolate Chip Cookies at Smitten Kitchen fit my criteria, so I decided to give them a try.

I did make some adjustments. I baked the first batch as instructed. 300° for 18 minutes yielded lovely crispy cookies with slightly chewy middles. For the following batches I increased the temperature to 350° and baked for 12 minutes. These had chewier middles, which I preferred.

Also, I used chocolate chunks, because that’s what I had. Then I sprinkled in a bit of cinnamon — a crucial ingredients for my chocolate chip cookies.

While these aren’t quite perfect, they are darned good and could become my new default chocolate chip cookie.


One Response to The girl bakes! Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  1. slush says:

    They look great. I always put a tiny pinch of cinnamon in my chocochip too. It just gives it that extra homeyness.

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