The Weekly Bite

Here are some of my favorite posts from other sugary blogs:

I’m a New Orleans girl, and the garish (but delicious!) purple, green, and gold King Cakes are everywhere right now. If you want learn more about the tradition, Cakespy has a great post on the history of the King Cake.

Do you have some extra candy lying around? Take a page from Cybele at Candy Blog and experiment with candy and crescent rolls. Or you can try this excellent looking recipe for Extra Large Chunky Cookies from Anna at Cookie Madness.

If you’re looking for more candy reviews, Baking Bites has a review of the Frey Supreme Cinnamon and Blood Orange.

Oh yes, and here’s a sneak peak at one of next weeks reviews:


2 Responses to The Weekly Bite

  1. Hannah says:

    Oooh! When will you be reviewing these? And more importantly, where did you find them? I’ve been searching (well, occasionally looking) for weeks, and am tempted to get some through Amazon, but seeing as they’re selling 38oz packages only, I’m a bit nervous about whether it’s worth it… this suspense is killing me! :P

  2. Alicia says:

    Hannah – I’ll have the review up some time during this week. I have some complicated feelings about them, so it’s taking me a little time to get the whole thing written up, lol. I found a 14oz bag in the Valentine’s section at Walmart, so give that a try!

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