Choxie Fiery Truffle Bar and Cadbury Irish Creme

Here are the other two pre-Christmas reviews, sans nutrition info. They’re short so I bundled them together.

Choxie Fiery Truffle Bar

This bar is spiced with ancho pepper, cinnamon, and chipotle powders. It’s a truffle bar, but there is no visible difference between the coating and the center. However, it melts very quickly in the mouth, which is a sign of a truffled center (or at least the addition of palm kernel oil).

It does taste spicy – like red pepper flakes – but it doesn’t burn my mouth. It’s also smoky, though not the same smoky that I associate with chipotle powder. It doesn’t taste very much like chocolate though. In fact, I think it tastes a bit like plastic, or a crayon. No, not appealing at all.

After this and the Frey Hot Chili Pepper, I think that spicy chocolate may not be for me.

Rating: 3/10

Name: Fiery Chocolate Truffle Bar
Brand: Choxie
Store: Target
Price: $1.80

Cadbury Irish Creme

This is your typical sweet, dairy Cadbury chocolate. The bar is split into 18 little squares, each filled with a thick creme. The creme is viscous and beige-colored. It has notes of vanilla and caramel with a kick of alcohol.

I didn’t care for the creme on it’s own, but it did work well with chocolate. It’s not something I would buy again, but it’s not bad.

Rating: 5/10

Name: Cadbury Irish Creme
Brand: Cadbury (by Hershey’s)
Store: Walgreens
Price: $0.79


4 Responses to Choxie Fiery Truffle Bar and Cadbury Irish Creme

  1. cybele says:

    I saw that Cadbury bar at the dollar store last night and while I thought it was a good deal, I couldn’t imagine it being that good. I’m glad I passed.

  2. annagins says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t tried any of Target’s “Choxie” chocolate yet. Based on this review, I am not missing much! About the pepper, I think you should try one or two more brands with pepper before you decide you don’t like pepper and chocolate.

    The Cadbury seems like it has baking potential. Maybe the squares could be wrapped up in dough? Kind of like the Andes Mint cookies wrapped in dough, but a square of Irish Creme???

  3. cakespy says:

    I haven’t tried the Choxie yet either. This looks promising, but based on your review it might not be the best use of my daily treat!

  4. Alicia says:

    @Cybele: Yes, it’s quite mediocre. I didn’t have much good or bad to say about it.

    @Anna: The Cadbury bar does have baking potential, I think. Each square is pretty small and individually filled with the creme, so you wouldn’t have to worry about leakage. It might be good for a surprise cookie or maybe even in a cupcake? Cookie dough makes everything taste better!

    @Anna and Cakespy: Don’t totally count Choxie out. I’ve tried a couple other things that have ranged from decent to pretty darn good. I really like their warm spiced caramels, and I have a couple coffee-flavored truffle bars scheduled to post in the coming weeks that I liked a lot.

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