Ritter Chocolate Creme

I wrote this review back in November, before I started keeping track of nutrition facts, so that information is missing. There are a couple more reviews that were also pushed aside in favor of seasonal fare; those will be up tomorrow, again, sans nutrition info. Just a heads up!

I found this on clearance at Target for 44 cents. It was well within it’s expiration date, so I couldn’t pass it up, especially because I’d never had a Ritter bar before.

Ritter Sport is a German line of square-shaped chocolate bars. According to their website, the company was founded in 1912, but they didn’t introduce their square bars until 1932. The idea was to produce a sturdy chocolate bar that would fit into the pocket of a sport coat.

Ritter bars are 100g bars split into 16 bite-sized squares and contain almost three servings per package.

This is milk chocolate with a chocolate creme filling. The chocolate is sweet with strong dairy notes, and the creme filling is even sweeter and milkier. It’s made with Ritter’s alpine milk chocolate, which has an “unusually high milk content.” I guess this is milk chocolate’s answer to extra-dark chocolate. The center is creamy but firm and has a super melt.

The extra-strong dairy flavor threw me of at first, but I ended up liking it quite a bit. If you’re a milk chocolate fan I’d suggest you give this a try.

Rating: 7/10

Name: Chocolate Creme
Brand: Ritter Sport
Store: Target
Price: $0.44


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