Hershey’s Kisses Trio

I spotted these at Target about a week before Christmas. I resisted – I didn’t need another bag of candy. Of course, that didn’t last long; I picked them up on my next visit. They are packaged in a hot pink bag decorated with hearts, so that pretty much screams “Valentine’s product.”

Kisses Trio are “milk and dark chocolate drizzled with white creme.” They have a milk chocolate base, a dark chocolate top, and white stripes. The white stripes are purely for decoration; they don’t add any flavor. I guess Kisses Duo didn’t have the same ring to it. That’s just as well, because I’m really not interested in white creme – only white chocolate.

These suffer the same problem as many other Kiss varieties – they are too similar to the original Kisses. I’m sure I could tell them apart in a blind taste test, but the Kisses Trio just aren’t improving on or adding anything original to the traditional Kiss.

They’re somewhere in between Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Special Dark Chocolate. I know, I know, duh – they’re a mix of the two. The flavors run together, giving something less tangy than the milk, but smoother than the dark. Or, you can bite off the bottom and then eat the top, having your milk and dark separately.

These aren’t bad, just uninspiring. I would have preferred a three layer Kiss, with each chocolate getting it’s own layer.

Ingredient Watch: Both the dark and milk chocolates contain PGPR. The white creme, as mentioned, isn’t white chocolate because it’s made with various vegetable oils. But there’s such a minuscule amount of white creme it’s not a big deal.

Nutrition Breakdown: Serving size is 9 pieces. Each serving contains 13g of fat, 22g of sugar, and 3g of protein.

Rating: 6/10

Name: Kisses Trio
Brand: Hershey’s
Store: Target
Price: $2.50 (11oz)


3 Responses to Hershey’s Kisses Trio

  1. Sera says:

    Such a shame! I found these too but haven’t tired them yet.

  2. melanie goodgine says:

    i have tried every target,there are no more trios, where can i find them or
    order them?

  3. Alicia says:

    Melanie – I haven’t seen them since Valentine’s Day.. they were limited edition, so they aren’t in stores anymore. You might be able to find them on the internet, but I did a quick search just now and all I found were some ridiculously priced ones on eBay. Sorry! (I’ll have some of the more recent flavors reviewed next week though!)

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