Choxie Gingerbread Truffle Bar

I picked up this bar in a gift set of three Choxie Truffle Bars. It was the Milk Chocolate Collection, which also contained Creme Brulee and Peanut Butter Pretzel. Those reviews will be appearing over the next few weeks, along with reviews of the three bars in the Coffee Collection. Lots of Choxie coming your way, but I’ll try to space it out.

The Choxie Truffle Bars are thick slabs of an outer layer of chocolate and a truffled center. It’s split into eight rectangles. The Gingerbread Bar is milk chocolate filled with a slightly darker truffled center and gingerbread pieces.

I’ve already expressed my love of gingerbread in my Frey Gingerbread review, so comparisons are inevitable. While I found the Frey bar perfectly balanced, this bar leaned a little too heavily toward the chocolate. Mind you, it’s good chocolate – not too sweet with a lovely melty center. The problem is that there aren’t enough gingerbread pieces. They are few and far between, lending only a hint of gingerbread, not the full-on flavor that I crave.

Ingredient Watch: All clear.

Nutrition Breakdown: Serving size is 1/2 a bar. There are 200 calories, 14g of fat, 15g of sugar, and 2g of protein per serving.

Rating: 7/10

Name: Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Truffle Bar
Brand: Choxie (Target)
Store: Target
Price: $1.66 (in a set of 3 for $5)


3 Responses to Choxie Gingerbread Truffle Bar

  1. cakespy says:

    I’ve tried this! It was much better than I thought it would be actually! Cute packaging too I think.

  2. Alicia says:

    @cakespy: Yeah, Choxie does a lot of cute packaging!

  3. katrinaa says:

    I am eating this right this moment. it’s soo yummmyy. i love the packaging too~ soo cutee.

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