Dove Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very fashionable these days, but I can’t think of many “convenience” dark chocolate bars. When I say convenience candy, I mean the candy that most people buy — the candy at the checkout aisle. In fact, the only plain dark chocolate convenience bars that I can think of are the Hershey’s Special Dark and the Dove Dark Chocolate. Or am I missing something?

Most chocolate lovers wouldn’t call this dark chocolate. It contains milkfat, and the first ingredient is sugar. But I think this works. It’s a convenience candy, so it’s meant to appeal to the general public. Really dark chocolate can be a bit of a shock to people who are used to milk chocolate. I think this bar is a good introduction to dark chocolate.

Dove chocolate is always very smooth, and this is no exception. It melts excellently. It’s sweet, but still has the deeper chocolate flavor that I expect from dark chocolate. There’s better chocolate out there, but not much at 50 cents a bar.

Rating: 7/10

Name: Dove Rich Dark Chocolate
Brand: Mars
Store: Walmart
Price: $0.50


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